We are a body of believers who desire to heal lives by ministering the love of Christ to our neighbors, family, friends, and city.

-Pastor Micaiah J. Young,Sr.



The Life Center was launched in June 2015 at the Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This location was very significant to us because it symbolized our call to “WALK ON WATER”. We consider ourselves as the home of the water walkers because we have answered the call of God to step out of the boat! The Life Center is a ministry that focuses on exposing individuals to the light of God’s word and aligning them with their God given potential. It is impossible to attend a service at The Life Center without being inspired through the rich word and sincere worship. We pride ourselves in being a safe haven for those in need of healing and restoration. Our brand is LOVE.  At The Life Center also known as TLC, we believe that everybody needs a little TLC.  


The Life Center is a member of The Church of God in Christ Inc. Our doctrine is rooted in un waiving biblical principles. We are a multicultural and multigenerational congregation of believers from various walks of life and religious experiences.